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Electronic information signs are now a familiar sight across England's motorway and trunk road network.

These signs provide advance warning to drivers of emergencies, incidents and road management.  They are aimed at improving safety and minimising the impact of congestion.

The Altaroute FTMS designs can be put into three main categories; Type 'E', 'F' and 'G'. For further details on our products please click on the links and information will appear in the box below: -

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Type G'

The Type G' is basically a Type E' but with 4-No. Amber Flashing Lanterns, one in each corner enhancing the target value of the alternative message displayed.

Each type of sign will interface with a system presenting a clean contact for each face to be displayed. The sign will present to the system a clean contact for each face displayed for monitoring purposes. The signs will also interface with a Fixed Text Message Sign (FTMS) Driver designed to the HA Specification TR2095.

All Fixed Text Message Signs supplied by Altaroute Ltd. have a design life of a minimum 15 years with minimal maintenance.

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