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Electronic information signs are now a familiar sight across England's motorway and trunk road network.

These signs provide advance warning to drivers of emergencies, incidents and road management.  They are aimed at improving safety and minimising the impact of congestion.

The Altaroute FTMS designs can be put into three main categories; Type 'E', 'F' and 'G'. For further details on our products please click on the links and information will appear in the box below: -

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It is most difficult to produce a price list for our signs as all FTMS signs are designed to suit specific customer requirements, as you can appreciate the variations of sign face design alone are enormous. The other considerations are to be taken into account are:

  1. The number of faces required to be applied with face film and what areas
    are involved.
  2. The type of material to be used i.e., Class 2(old Class 1) or Micro-prismatic.
  3. Manual control
  4. Local Electrical Control
  5. Type of control/interface requirements etc.
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