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This is an important issue to us all and Altaroute have a clear policy well structured and dedicated to high efficiency technologies with low or minimum environmental impact. We understand the importance of both today and tomorrow and have a strict recycling process embracing all our designs and decisions.

Choices are available including long life Solar power technology complete with soft start management thus reducing stress on all and every aspects of deployment, and concise . clean, recyclable products are used throughout and where ever available even the cabinets and  containment of such technology is designed and built along the same lines and objectives we do indeed  have a joined up process both in thought and action and take a responsible view on all aspects.

It is also our aim to deploy continuous investment in pursuit of improving and assessing all new developments surrounding Alternative Power its uses and both the generation and of course storage  of such power and energy and the consequential disposal .

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Prismatic signs give colour change to enhance driver awareness

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